War Of Words between two candidates widen viewers eyes

Cynthia Nixon, a candidate for governor of New York came on  NSBNC to talk about her only debate with current governor Andrew Cuomo.

From watching the video and listening to her response about what Cuomo has failed to accomplish for New York citizens, I feel that she is saying all the right things about what she wants to do and how she intends to fund these plans but if she does win the position, it may be harder for her than she thinks.

Being that I’ve lived in New York my whole life, I was interested in what she said about the MTA. The MTA is suppose to be the easiest way to get around the metropolitan area of New York but for me I feel like it gets harder and harder to get to wherever you need to on time.

What is possibly more upsetting than the delays is the fear of the prices of travel via MTA can be going up sooner than people think. The thought of the fare going up is comical especially for me, because the lack of service on what it feels like an everyday thing should be the first thing on their list to fix and not worry about raising the fair to get more money.

Although I respect Nixon’s ideas and how she wants to make life better for the middle and lower class of the city, I feel that it’s almost a pipe dream to believe anything will change.  The road ahead to her winning the governor position is a long one but I do like her ambition and her goals of what she intends to do if she wins. I look forward to seeing the outcome of the election and see where it goes from there.