Hollis population growth over The Years

The Queens Community Board 12  is  the second largest in Queens and it covers the largest part of queens which also includes Hollis where I am a resident of.  The other areas include Francis Lewis Blvd. and Springfield Blvd. Growing up in the 1990s up to 2018 in Hollis, I looked up how the population has change throughout the years from 1970 up to 2010. Growing up I saw the growth of the neighborhood rising almost every couple of years and I was shocked when I saw by how much compared to years ago.

As the graph portrays below, the Hollis area took a hit in the 1980s dropping down a couple thousands compared to how it was in the 1970s.  In 1990 it began to recover from the drop off in the 1980s.  Heading into the 2000s , the population was beginning to sky rocket up and all the signs showed that it was going to keep rising as the years went on.

As I mentioned before, growing up in Hollis  while the population was growing made it much more noticeable for myself. New people were moving into the area and new faces began to appear throughout the neighborhood.

I will looking forward to seeing how much the population has grown in the next census taken in 2020. I fully expect the population to have grown much larger than any of the years listed below. This is good for Hollis because the neighborhood has many things to offer to others and will continue to grow as people will enjoy living here. Those include The Jamaica Performing Arts Center and others that people that will enjoy here in Hollis. 



Growth of the population throughout the years in Hollis  (1).png


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